National Grief Awareness week 2-8 December 2023

National Grief Awareness Week – 2–8 December 2023

2 to 8 December 2023 is National Grief Awareness week, led by the Good Grief Trust. This year National Grief Awareness week is about connecting with our communities through shared events because:

People don’t know what services are out there

Gaps in what providers know about each other’s services

We are not utilising the community grassroots network

One event to highlight is a ‘Bereavement Café’ being held on Thursday 7 December, 10am to midday at Peterstone Lakes Golf Club. Peterstone Lakes Golf Club | Golf, Weddings, Meetings & Events

They’d love other bereavement organisations to be involved in this opportunity either by simply attending or bringing a small stall/display with them. Everyone is welcome – staff, volunteers, and service users themselves. Let’s bring people together so everyone knows that they are now alone.

It’ll be a lovely morning of networking over coffee and allowing those who are bereaved to see what services are available to them.

If anyone would like a stand, please email and she’ll add you to list. If you would like to attend, feel free to let Jane know but you are welcome just to come along on the day.