Mission Vision and Values


We are a national movement belonging to and given life by families, individuals, communities and organisations throughout Wales. We aim to help people access and offer information, care and support in a compassionate way within their communities. Our particular focus is on care and support at the end of people’s lives, whenever that happens.


Our vision is to be a considerate and caring nation that comes together to develop compassionate approaches to support people’s health and wellbeing. Whether you are living with ill health or dementia, or are experiencing loneliness and isolation, or dealing with grief, loss and bereavement, Compassionate Cymru is there for you.

We want everyone in Wales to enjoy the benefits of belonging, to receive help at a time when they need it most and to give help when they are able.

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If everyone who has ever been grateful for the NHS follows and retweets we’d reach a million by midnight

Let’s show the Government the kind of support they’re up against

Find out if your pharmacies offers an ‘Emergency Medicines Supply’ 👉https://bit.ly/3Mao7aL

Once checked:
📞Contact the pharmacy
😃Provide proof that you are on the medication
🧍Attend in person
❗️Not urgent? Wait until your GP opens

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